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RICS Home Surveys


Enys Surveying Ltd offer two types of house survey using the standard RICS Home Survey format. These are the Level 2 (previously known as a HomeBuyer report) and the Level 3 (previously known as a Building or Structural survey).

The Level 2 survey is intended for standard or newer buildings which are in reasonable condition, such as houses built from the mid-20th century onwards which have been looked after fairly well. This type of survey is not recommended for older buildings (traditional buildings constructed in stone for example) or those that are in particularly poor condition.

The Level 2 survey will include an inspection of all accessible areas followed by a report describing the construction and condition of the building. The report will help you decide whether to go ahead with buying the property and will highlight any elements that are likely to require repair or replacement soon. Advice will also be given about any further information you should seek prior to buying the property.

The Level 3 survey can be carried out on any age or type of house and includes a more thorough inspection of the building followed by a more detailed report which, along with the information noted before for the Level 2 survey, will also include general maintenance information and more detail on construction, repair and the cause of defects. This type of survey is therefore particularly useful for an older building where hidden defects are more likely and when a different approach to repair and maintenance is required.


Any extra services provided that are not covered by the terms and conditions of these services must be covered by a separate contract.

For more information about the survey process or for tips how to make the sale of your existing house more straightforward, please follow the links below.

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