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"Superb value and service." (CY - March 2024)

"Excellent service. Survey report was clear and concise. On the day of the survey we were at the property and Joe was more than willing to answer any questions we asked." (AE - February 2024)

"Thanks for such a well detailed, illustrated, and balanced report. I really appreciate the thoroughness and the time it must have taken." (LK - January 2024)

"Joe Enys gave us a home survey Level 2 for our house at the north coast of Cornwall. His quote was cheaper than any other we could find and I was surprised by the actual survey he sent us. Within 49 pages, he described the current status of our future house in great detail, also attached lots of pictures to illustrate his findings and gave recommendations about the services and repairs which were needed.
We'd like to thank Joe for his great work and would like to recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a house in Cornwall." (TK - January 2024)

"Very prompt reply. Joe provided a good quality report with lots of photos of the property inside and outside which was very helpful as we live 300 miles away and had only had one viewing on the property. The cost of the survey was very reasonable. Very professional and helpful when we telephoned him and he returned our call about the queries we had with the survey. He helped us understanding the points we weren't sure about." (PH - November 2023)

"Thank you for your excellent services and report. We are really grateful you provided us with such a thorough and fair assessment. We feel strongly you gave us a great professional report and service, and likely saved us a lot of money in the long run!" (CB - September 2023)

"Thank you for carrying out the survey for me, it’s been a pleasure to deal with you and the ease of changes to the dates due to hiccups along the way. The survey was very informative and the photos were great as we only got to see the property for 20 minutes then we returned home so it’s helped a lot with our preparation to moving there." (TA - September 2023)

"We are very pleased with the detail in the survey and the supporting photos. It re-enforced our observations but obviously with far more detail." (MF - September 2023)

"Very quick response to my initial email, also give dates of availability, which was very helpful.  Joe's survey saved us! With out it we would have purchased a property that was in a desperate state of repair… thank you Joe. Amazing value for money: he gave us options on how best to proceed without incurring unnecessary additional costs. Superb service: Joe was very quick to report his findings to us. He took the time to call me as soon as his survey was completed. He explained in detail what he had uncovered. He also emailed within in a few hours key photographs with explanations of the structural issues he had unearthed. Could not ask for more. Joe comes highly recommended we will use him again!" (AB - October 2021)

"Joe has been prompt and clear in his dealings with us and I could highly recommend his services." (JA - October 2021)

"Joe provided a swift, professional surveyor service.  The resulting report was clear, comprehensive, and written in plain English so as to assist comprehension.  Furthermore, he provided a wealth of photos to further facilitate understanding of points and issues raised in the report.  I found this a tremendous help.  The report was set out in a very easy to follow format with important points highlighted, and explained in detail.  Joe listed issues needing immediate action as well as those requiring on-going maintenance and/or checking.  Again, I found this helpful to ensure I am focused on areas needing attention or remedial action. Joe communicated regularly throughout the entire process from the point of contact to completion.  He always responded to my questions within  a 24 hour timeframe so I was never left waiting.  After receiving the report I had more questions and these were also answered quickly and clearly. I would unreservedly recommend Joe to anyone requiring a building survey.  I feel the property I am purchasing has been properly checked by a qualified and competent professional and that gives me huge peace of mind.  I can’t thank you enough Joe, I am extremely grateful to you for all your help and advice.  Thank you very much." (DKR - June 2021)

"He was the first to reply so I spoke to him after looking up his reviews and we appointed him to do a building survey. He gave us sound advice and we was very happy. Will definitely use him in the future. He was cheaper than other local suppliers but gave top quality service" (HG - June 2020) 

"The survey is presented in a very accessible manner and the information is comprehensive, thank you." (NT - June 2020)

"I am very impressed with the extent of your knowledge of these old buildings and extremely grateful for your help and expertise." (CC - May 2020)

"Being some 200 miles away from the property I had to take a punt on an unknown. Definitely paid off as Joe was very professional and efficient getting into the property within 4 days of instruction and survey results were in my inbox within 3 days. First class!!!" (CP - March 2019)

"Promptness of response :  Almost immediate response. Quality of service :  Joe was excellent and managed to carry out the required survey as requested within two days of the original request. Quite excellent. Value for money :  Considering the high quality and in-depth survey work done and the degree of the requested scope, I believe this to be very good value. Professionalism :  Joe was extremely helpful throughout the process and was always available for questions and follow-up. I would recommend Joe to anyone needing a highly professional and friendly surveyor!" (ME - November 2017)

"Many thanks for your very thorough report and details therein. Rest assured that I will pick your brains remorselessly for all future projects!" (ME - November 2017)

"I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your report the insurance company have agreed to fully fund all of our repair works. We are extremely grateful to you for facilitating this." (EF - July 2017)

"Many thanks for a very thorough survey." (DM - June 2017)

"Thanks again for getting the report to us so promptly .... it’s a very thorough inspection and report, with clear photos too.  So thank you for your work" (RR - May 2017)

"Thank you so much Joe! Really detailed report and a very speedy turn around. Thanks again :)" (ET - October 2016)

"Thanks for doing such a thorough job." (EY - September 2016)

"Great detail and very informative, many thanks." (MJ - August 2016)

"Joe Enys carried out a full survey for a recent house purchase for us and produced a really comprehensive report, it was completed promptly, efficiently and at a very competitive price. " (AD - August 2016)

"Thanks for the survey. Very detailed, comprehensive and well laid out. Much appreciated." (RB - April 2016)

"Joe's quote was very competitive. He carried out the survey within a few days. Joe provided a full survey by email and also a useful list of general maintenance tasks. The survey was very detailed and illustrated by photos. I contacted Joe after the survey to ask some question and he was extremely helpful. I have read quite a few surveys and this was easily the best. I can recommend Joe's service." (SW - March 2016)

"Thanks for a great service." (ZM - February 2016)

"Thanks very much for the quick and efficient work on that Joe." (February 2016)

"Excellent and prompt service. Survey was very informative and easy to understand. Joe was also able to provide post survey advice. I would recommend his services to anyone." (SR - February 2016)

"Friendly, efficient and approachable." (LG - January 2016)

"Good surveyor and very good price." (TSS - June 2015)

"Just wanted to say thanks for doing the survey - you've done a great job and it's helpful in giving us a few pointers and advice on what to keep an eye on when we move in." (RP - June 2015)

"Thank you for the report. Your service has been excellent." (AD - September 2014)

"Many thanks, Joe - very thorough. It was very good of you to come and do that for us. Will certainly be recommending you to friends needing a surveyor." (RB - September 2014)

"Many thanks for the report, excellent job." (PO - August 2014)

"Promptness of response :  Prompt and informative
Quality of service :  Good service
Value for money :  Very good value
Professionalism :  Gave us all the information and more" (NN - August 2014)

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